Coming up next

Dear Friends,

These are some topics which I intend to write in the coming days. I would request you to indicate your choices/ suggestions:

1. Will “PPP” fulfill the dreams of Indian Tourism?

2. NRI’s and Tourism: Lets water the roots !

3. Children: the new decision makers of Tourism !

 4. Can we make another TAJ MAHAL?

5.  Is there any Consumer Behaviour in the tourists of India?

6. Recreating Bandstands: making our evenings musical !

7. Indian Tourism: too SERIOUS or FUN?

I will put sincere efforts to fulfill your expectations.


Vikash Chandra

3 responses to “Coming up next

  1. I deeply admire the zeal in pursuing Indian tourism to it’s core that ‘theindianeye’ has embarked upon and more so because of the progressive vision that is expressed by unique knack of storytelling making the blog informative as well as enjoyable.
    I suggest, exploratory articles may consider the characteristics of inbound tourism & it’s patterns. Eg. In general, where does a gujarathi travels…where does maharashtrians and so on. Is there any distinct pattern of tourism, if yes what are their expectations with which they travel. Based on such study either new destinations can be developed in existing tourist circuits or totally new destinations can be discovered…

    Best wishes for the creative explorations

  2. I would that most of the above topics are interesting but would cover too diverse a views.

    Wld luv if you can choose cities/ destinations- mostly not in vogue- and highlight culture, history, idiosyncracies , special tips fr the tourist and then cream it up with ur views , experience and opinion… It wld be welcome!

    Bon chance!

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