About me

The Best compliment recieved from Mr Shashi Tharoor@ShashiTharoor : Fascinating piece by @chandravikash on the pind-daan ceremony to remember and honour one’s parents, in Gaya http://wp.me/p2i87O-G      12:46 AM – 31 Mar 12

The compliment has encouraged me immensely. Thank you so much !

Indian Tourism is greatly flavoured by its philosophy. Sometimes may not be obviously seen or understood. I enjoy in my core, to search ‘those’ dimensions of Indian Tourism. 

Hopefully I should blog, once a week.

By qualification, I am an Architect and an Urban Designer from CEPT University (Ahmedabad) and also an MBA (in process) from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (New Delhi). Having worked in the field of Tourism and Aviation Infrastructure for some time now, I recently decided to put my observations in a blog.

This blog will be vigilant for the hidden joy, in the Indian dust. Loving is Knowing… isn’t it ?Be sure, I will bring unique shades of Indian Tourism. Do leave your comments, for the world’s wisdom. 

with folded hands,
Vikash Chandra, New Delhi

4 responses to “About me

  1. Loved your blog. Very refreshing. Recently I have started my very own travel blog on Odisha, India. Please do take a look and give apt feedback.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog today and found it very fresh and interesting. I love traveling and have recently decided to start exploring my own city and country…there is so much on offer here, it’s sad that we forget to take care of our own heritage. Look forward to reading your posts on Indian tourism.

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